Many of our songs are available as free downloads on the Releases page. We believe in the “try before you buy” philosophy of selling music – so if you like our material, we appreciate your financial support, which goes towards making new music and touring. Feel free to buy our albums and songs either as actual CD’s or as downloads:

Digital download:

iTunes Music Store

Amazon (256 kbps VBR, no DRM) (192 kbps MP3, no DRM, subscription based)

Discogs (MP3, VBR, no DRM)


As actual CD’s:

Vendlus Recods (US)

Skithund Records (EU)

Some Place Else (EU)

Wreck Store (EU)

Streaming Services


If you know of more stores who might wish to sell our music, feel free to contact us on Myspace, Facebook or by email (alymysto squiggly alymysto point com).