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Full-length albums and EPs

Unsealed (2002-2013)

(Ideal Sound, ISCD001; 2013)

  1. Tanssilava palaa [04:46]
  2. Lodges [Laced With MMXIII] (04:27)
  3. So Down [The End My Friend Mix] (06:28)
  4. Kivun jumala (05:26)
  5. Dead Inside [G.G.F.H. Cover] (03:22)
  6. Ontto seurakunta [MMVIII] (05:10)
  7. Psilocybin (02:02)
  8. Vitjankiertäjät (04:57)
  9. Rising [The Walk of the Dead Remix] (05:33)
  10. Gatos Y Ratoncitos [Intelligentsia Silenciocos Remix] (03:49)
  11. Interlude (03:19)
  12. Synthesis (04:23)
  13. Kilpisjärven talvi [MMX] (04:51)
  14. Ääni on rakkaus äidin (03:53)
  15. Poseidon drowning [Live at LaBas 2003] (05:32)

A collection of previously unreleased songs and rarities from the Älymystö’s 10+ year long journey into the end-times of music.

19:38:00 by Älymystö & And Then You Die

(Skithund Records; 2009)

  1. Thesis (2:51) [mp3]
  2. Revitty (5:00) [mp3]
  3. Lodges (4:22) [mp3]
  4. Ontto seurakunta MMVIII (5:09) [mp3]
  5. Antithesis (2:05) [mp3]
  6. Chariot (6:46) [ And Then You Die ]
  7. Shirley (3:29) [ And Then You Die ]
  8. Draume W. Drontheim (3:36) [ And Then You Die, Drontheim ]
  9. Tone Eight (0:48) [ And Then You Die ]
  10. Xeroxcity (4:55) [ And Then You Die ]

The Finnish electro/industrial units Älymystö & And Then You Die (aka ATYD) released a new Split EP titled 19:38:00. The digital download came out on December 24th 2009.


(Onyxia o05; 2005)

  1. Tomsk-7 (1:42) [mp3]
  2. Ihmisennahkaa (6:18) [mp3]
  3. Antiaine (4:28) [mp3]
  4. Essence (5:54) [mp3]
  5. Kehät (5:15) [mp3]
  6. Kolminaisuus (6:14) [mp3]
  7. Vainohulluus (4:18) [mp3]
  8. Periplaneta A. (6:36) [mp3]
  9. Ikkunan takana (5:05) [mp3]
  10. Insects (featuring MR:HC) (8:47) [mp3]
Album cover & foldout by Ville Kaisla

Album cover & foldout by Ville Kaisla

Conceptually we began recording the first full length album as an ambient record. Along the way things went off course and into seemingly random directions. We diligently followed the songs around and in the end they came to range from the deep drones of field recorded insects in “Periplaneta A.” to the abstract improvisation of “Ikkunan takana” to the trip-hop of “Antiaine” to the brutal noise of “Ihmisennahkaa”. The structure was a reversal of the usual progression from easy to difficult material.

“Älymysto’s Atomgrad is nothing short of a spoken word, noisily distorted hell. That’s not to say this album isn’t enjoyable—In fact, Atomgrad is one of the coolest releases I’ve heard in quite some time—But there is no denying the sheer demented force behind the writing and recording of this album. Atomgrad is noisecore wrought of noise; a surprisingly uncommon thing to find.”
Chain D.L.K.

“At times this really unhuman music reminds me of Chrome, and it is almost frighteningly distorted. [...] if you’re interested in experimental electronic music where every thing is allowed, you should check this band out.”
Psychotropic Zone

“Älymystö has a lot of power and have created a very varied order caverta online an original piece of work with many different atmospheres and dynamic pieces. This band sounds original, but seems also a blend of Coil, Sanctum and Massive Attack. This is an excellent CD for people who like adventures music and is a challenge for those who dares something different”

“They call it industrial, and it certainly is. They call it noise, but I’d rather call it ambient [...] tracks sound like Techno Animal, and it never is a bad sort of reference. [...] you know to hear this kind of stuff walking around the industrial zone of any major city in the world, you gotta have heard of Scorn and seen Mr. Lynch. Again, not a bad thing. This record is actually one of the best things of its kind I have gotten the pleasure of getting acquainted with recently.”
Musique Machine

“Älymystö adds hints of slow percussion, acoustic instruments and lots of creepy vocal effects to the usual droning feedback for an effect that’s thicker, more organic, and a lot creepier than the usual industrial ambient offerings. [...] As unpredictable as Nurse With Wound and as fearsome as anything from In Slaughter Natives or Diamanda Galas, Atomgrad is a fine addition to any discerning noise fan’s music collection.”
Grave Concerns

Ontto seurakunta

(Neuroscan Total Order Series 004; 2004; sold out)

  1. Ontto seurakunta (5:28) [mp3]
  2. Ruusuni (3:52) [mp3]
  3. Ei ketään (4:42) [mp3]
  4. Kilpisjärven talvi [Studio Limb remix] (5:06) [mp3]

On this limited edition EP our sound shifted slightly into a more atmospheric direction. Conversely the titular song was a step towards even danceable grooves.

“Ontto seurakunta is not easy listening, precisely because it doesn’t seem to adhere to any genre. Still, there’s a lot of good here. It demands the listener keep an open mind, so as not to be ignored as too poppy — or too un-poppy. Given an honest chance it manages to convince despite its scattershot approach, thanks to the attitude and thrill of experimentation evident to the listener.” — KMY (in Finnish)

Demonstration Fall 2003

(Self released; 2003; out of print)

  1. So Down (6:17) [mp3]
  2. Handful (4:26) [mp3]
  3. Kilpisjärven talvi (4:52) [mp3]
  4. Messiah of Melancholy (5:12) [mp3]

The first release, still a bit rough around the edges. This demo includes the original version of “Kilpisjärven talvi”, which is still — for many — the quintessential Älymystö song.

Other releases

RTSI - Till alla er...

RTSI Rätten Till Sin Identitet – Till alla er…

(Kulturens/KF Kretsen, USB-digipack; 2016)

    Music videos:

  1. Eddie Wheeler – Till Alla Er
  2. Andreas Wandebgren – 40 Megaton
  3. Kari Berg feat. Psy’Aviah – It’s Just Words
  4. Aurelio Voltaire – Innocent
  5. Chaos All Stars & Asperger Synthdrome – You Can’t Be Me
  6. Devil May Care – Last September
  7. Ninedee – Jag älskar er av kärlek en gång
  8. Ras Bolding – Have A Nice Day
  9. 6th Awakening – Hålot
  10. L.O.G.O.S – Regenesis
  11. Unfamiliar Kind
    Music tracks:

  1. Two Witches – Inner Circle Outsider
  2. Chaos Research – Snowing Outside [RTSI mix]
  3. Älymystö – Kiveen kirjoitettu [RTSI] [mp3]
  4. Andreas Wandegren – Helt normal

RTSI is the first project and initiative in Sweden to work against the discrimination of subculture/alternative people. The project is a 3-year initiative and is funded by Swedish Arv sfonden and run by Kulturens and KF Kretsen in cooperation with among others SUB – the national organisation for subcultures in Sweden.

The USB ”Till alla er..” part 1 was released 21st of May 2016.

Noise vs. Glamour '06

Noise vs. Glamour ’06

(Vainohulluus/Elektroindustriya, CDr; 2006)

  1. Älymystö – Mielen Voitelu (1:28) [mp3]
  2. Noises Of Russia – Untitled (6:02)
  3. Hladna – Untitled (3:06)
  4. Pain Nail – Marks Of The Virgin (6:27)
  5. Bardoseneticcube – Untitled (5:10)
  6. Haeritici 7074 – Live In Riga (5:05)
  7. Siniaalto – Neuloja (7:22)
  8. Monopolka – TBC (3:03)
  9. Sadkarma – Static Corridor [Butcher Version] (4:41)
  10. Project 503 – Untitled (5:48)
  11. Radiokatve – Syvemmälle (8:04)
  12. Grunt – Understanding Mother (6:04)
  13. Flower – Mu State Bliss (8:42)

Noise vs. Glamour ’06 was released 14th of Oct 2006 to celebrate the Noise vs. Glamour 2006 festival.