Still alive and breathing – new live date booked: 26.2 @ Dog’s Home / Tampere

Written by Herra Haapanen on Wednesday, December 29th, 2010


Tweet As some of you might have noticed, things seem to have been relatively silent for Älymystö lately. The reason for that is simple: all of us have been more or less busy with our personal lifes. Especially Mr. Vuorensola, who has been focusing on directing the Iron Sky movie, which is now in production […]

Fresh answers by Messrs. Vuorensola & Haapanen

Written by Herra Haapanen on Saturday, January 23rd, 2010


Tweet The fine people at In To Views asked us to provide more answers for the inspired. Follow the links for full interviews. I’m working on a feature film Iron Sky (, about Nazis from the Dark Side of the Moon. With my band Älymystö, we’ve just released a split with another band called And […]

Älymystö as movie music

Written by Herra Paalanen on Wednesday, March 25th, 2009


Tweet The Finnish writer, RPG designer, poet, screenwriter, spy and renowned adventurer Mike Pohjola made a short film last summer and used our music as a soundtrack. The film is a post-apocalyptic story called Taivas ja Helsinki 2018 (Heaven and Helsinki 2018) and it’s now on YouTube in all its 7 minute glory. The songs […]