The RTSI project (a new song, a statement and a live show @ Uma Obscura 2016)

Written by Älymystö on Monday, September 12th, 2016


The Terror of Normal

If you look at people from far enough, it’s tempting to postulate theories about what is normal for people. It’s fascinating, logical and often utterly wrong. Case in point, in the 1940’s US air force was in trouble, since their pilots couldn’t keep their planes in the air. The planes didn’t malfunction, but in the worst days 17 planes crashed because of a pilot error. The engineers had measured hundreds of pilots and tailored the cockpits to the dimensions of an average airman. That should fit most of the pilots then, apart from some outliers, right? Then they measured 4063 pilots, expecting most of them fit the average measurements. None of them did. There was no such thing as an average pilot.

To some degree, we all want to feel like we belong, and the easiest way to do that is to fit in – to act like all the others, to be normal and not different, not weird. The saddest thing is that ostracizing those who are different is extremely effective in building group cohesion. It’s also very risky, since imagine if one day we realize that we are that hated Other ourselves. The thing is, the closer you look at people, the more evident it is that none of us are normal, just as none of the pilots fit the imaginary average. We are men who make their own clothes, women who rebuild their muscle car engines. We are men who are really women and women who are really men, and humans who are somewhere in between genders, or something different altogether. We are artists and engineers, goths and jocks, scientists and priests, or all of the previous in the same lifetime. And all of this is ok, provided we don’t infringe the happiness and well being of others.

We live in a time when in many places of the world our physical bodies dictate less and less what we can and should do, and we have unprecedented opportunities for bettering and reinventing ourselves. Let’s not get stuck in the terror of the normal, the crab bucket mentality of pulling down those who are different because you are afraid you don’t fit in. Because you are not normal either, and neither are we.

This is our contribution to the RTSI – Rätten till sin identitet -project. We will also perform live 7th of Oct in Uma Obscura 2016 @ Umeå, Sweden.

Älymystö LIVE! 6.6.2015 at Elephant In The Room -festival in Helsinki AND at The Lane, Vantaa

Written by Älymystö on Saturday, June 6th, 2015


Yes, that seems to be today.

We shall rock.

Älymystö supporting Dark Side Cowboys [SWE] in Pilgrimage Tour Spring 2015

Written by Älymystö on Monday, March 9th, 2015


Pilgrimage Tour 2015

Älymystö is pleased to join the ranks of Dark Side Cowboys’ Pilgrimage Tour 2015 in Finland for two shows:

2nd of April @ Bar Bulldog, Riihimäki
3rd of April @ Rock Bar Zoom, Hyvinkää

The lineups also include Vergil [FIN] and Two Witches [FIN] (only in Hyvinkää). There is no better way to start this Easter than some buying Phentermine online live industrial mayhem with gothic rock sweetening the mix.

Älymystö celebrates the Independence Day 2014 of Finland LIVE! at Bar Loose, Helsinki

Written by Älymystö on Tuesday, November 11th, 2014


If you didn’t get an invitation to the Presidential Independence Day reception a few blocks away from Loose, don’t worry – we have a better party for you and the dresscode isn’t as strict.

Bar Loose welcomes you to the festivities in saturday the 6th of December 2014. Älymystö shares the stage with Iiwanajulma, and Seppo “Steen1″ Lampela will be delivering the Official Independence Day speech to all of you. Now ain’t that sweet?

You can find more up-to-date information here: ID 2014

Älymystö LIVE! at Findustry 2014

Written by Herra Haapanen on Wednesday, August 13th, 2014


Älymystö will perform live at Findustry 2014 in friday the 5th of September 2014. Bring on the mayhem, as this is the only show planned for 2014 – we are focusing more on composing the Magnum Opus album (which is progressing, slowly but steadily).

Findustry 2014

Älymystö to perform LIVE! twice in Helsinki in November

Written by Älymystö on Thursday, October 24th, 2013


Älymystö will perform a special show in Là-bas -> Irma Optimist festival in 16th of November 2013 in Galleria Huuto. You can expect something different than a traditional live show from us during this evening.

“Live action of the exhibition program contains sound art events and a series of long-durational performances by international and Finnish artists.”

…and just a week after that, we will perform a more traditional show in Findustry’s synthetic metal event in On the Rocks, 23th of November, where we share the stage with Cold Cold Ground and Iiwanajulma.

So choose your poison and see you in Helsinki in November!

Älymystö LIVE! at Altparty 2013

Written by Älymystö on Friday, September 27th, 2013


Älymystö is headlining the Alternative Party 2013 in friday the 18th of October. The event will be held in Suvilahti, Helsinki. Friends and foes, come and join the celebration in a festival of digital culture attended by coders, musicians, designers, hackers, and other digital enthusiasts!

Alternative Party 2013

We are planning a special set for the evening, but the enjoyment is guaranteed not only by us, but also by APROX. and the cream of finnish demoscene culture. The theme for this years event is hospital, so remember to dress up accordingly (free entrance with a real hospital bracelet!).

New Album Out: Älymystö Unsealed (2002 – 2013)

Written by Älymystö on Friday, August 23rd, 2013


Älymystö is proud to present the first album since Atomgrad, Unsealed (2002 – 2013). What you get is a collection of unreleased tracks from Älymystö’s 11 year old journey, reimaginings from songs that are already familiar to you, and something totally new you haven’t yet heard even on gigs.

Get the album from Band Camp, and share the news! Then come see us at Infektio this Saturday or in Latvia next week.

All revenue from the album sales will go directly into production of our upcoming album, tentatively named Magnum Opus, crowdfunding here:

Show in Tallinn cancelled, another one in Helsinki planned for November

Written by Herra Haapanen on Friday, August 16th, 2013


Just a quick update: Unfortunately Älymystö will NOT be performing live in Tallinn 31st of August 2013 because of double booking at the venue. Our apologies for the misinformation and hoping to get to perform in Tallinn soon again.

Luckily it’s not all bad news. We have also received a booking for live show in 16th of November in Helsinki. More details TBA.

Älymystö Magnum Opus

Written by Älymystö on Friday, July 26th, 2013


The band has decided to lay the groundwork for their next album now, at the turn of the tide. The second album, carrying the project name MAGNUM OPUS, will dig deep into the murderous depths of dark, experimental industrial noise metal, unearthing the unspeakable and renewing the industrial music world once and for all.

The aim with the crowd funding campaign is to raise money for the recording process of the album, to deliver the MAGNUM OPUS in the best, highest quality to the audience. The release will happen simultaneously on CD and vinyl as well as a digital release via iTunes and Spotify.

As perks, we are offering a wide array of hands-on Älymystö regalia, ranging from album sets to T-shirts, even offering to record a song on a topic you choose. Your name will be engraved forever on the release.

Support your local industrial weirdness, join the Intelligentsia, become a better human being.

Älymystö Magnum Opus