It’s alive! Again! 3 shows & CD release booked for August 2013

Written by Herra Haapanen on Saturday, May 25th, 2013


I have some good news to announce: Älymystö will release a compilation album in august and also perform 3 live shows to celebrate the event!

Nakts Maina III

For a while things within Älymystö have been more active behind the curtains of silence. Some time ago the old and apparently not-so-trustworthy studio computer of Studio Vainohulluus came crashing down, breaking down the main harddrive and erasing majority of Älymystö raw material. Only pre-mixed bounces of the tracks survived since my backup routine was a bit, err, forgotten. So, we were left with a pile of unreleased demo tracks from various parts of our career: sounds like a legit time to clean up the table and release a compilation CD by Älymystö.

We are still shaping the release to it’s final form, but for now the running time is approximately 60 minutes and it’s made of some completely unreleased tracks, some new mixes of old songs, and even some live tracks from old shows. The release date of this baby is set to 15.08.2013. More info TBA.

To accompany the release, Älymystö will perform 3 shows in late August 2013, starting off with Helsinki on Saturday the 24th with an evening hosted by Club Infektio. The next stop will take us traditionally to Latvia, where Nakts Maina III is taking place in 30th of August, and the final leg in Tallinn is yet to be announced. More details here:

That’s all for now, more information to follow & cheers in the meanwhile!

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