Video: NEGA live! @ Ku4vals

Written by Herra Haapanen on Thursday, July 28th, 2011


So, things remain to be rather silent for Älymystö, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t play live in different projects. In this summer I toured as a member of NEGA, a shapeshifter-project founded by Mr. Pilvari Pirtola around 10 years ago. My time is too short to fill you in with all the details, but we played in 2+ Year Anniversary of Servataguse Muusika @ Tallinn, Estonia & 4th Kuucvaals industrial festival @ Lielauce, Latvia. This time NEGA was Mr. Pilvari, Mr. Paalanen & me – and to maximize the live effort, the tour also included solo performances of both NOSFE & TAPHEAD in both locations (for me, one show per event was enough and I decided to be just merrily drunk, enjoy the events and catch the latest news from all my Baltic friends). All in all, it was the best weekend of this summer for me, so a huge thank you for everyone involved.

So, here’s a video from our 22th of July live show at Kuucvaals. The sound quality isn’t perfect, but that will be fixed later on as the whole show will be released as mp3s on a certain web-label. Stay tuned for that.

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