Still alive and breathing – new live date booked: 26.2 @ Dog’s Home / Tampere

Written by Herra Haapanen on Wednesday, December 29th, 2010


As some of you might have noticed, things seem to have been relatively silent for Älymystö lately. The reason for that is simple: all of us have been more or less busy with our personal lifes. Especially Mr. Vuorensola, who has been focusing on directing the Iron Sky movie, which is now in production phase, due to be released to theatrical distribution world-wide in early 2012.

However, I managed to steal a couple of days from his time and as a result Älymystö will perform live at 26th of February 2011 in Dog’s Home, Tampere, along with Vilkduja and Oorchach. The show will present you some new goodies along with the more traditional pieces of our live set.

In other news, the 12″-split vinyl release of 19:38:00 has been post-poned until further notice. To tell you the truth we don’t know much more about it either, from our part the material has been ready for release for well over a year now. All inquiries about that matter should be directed to Skithund Records. Regardless of the fate of vinyl release, we are planning to release a CD version of our side of 19:38:00 with some added bonuses somewhere in the future.

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