Älymystö Live @ Tallinn, January 8th

Written by Älymystö on Friday, January 8th, 2010


This is live video and audio stream from Tallinn / Club Rockstars. Älymystö will perform at 23:00 (in 40 mins), followed by ATYD around midnight. Enjoy!

11PM local.

EDIT: Unfortunately justin.tv had a hiccup just as we were saving the stream, and nothing got archived. Which is annoying, as this may have been a pretty nice set. If anyone has tips on how to recover a lost stream, let us know, OK?

Anyways, thanks for watching, we seemed to get a pretty nice crowd tonight. Tomorrow it’s Riga for us, hopefully with a net connection. If we can get our filthy paws on one, expect to see OVRO, us, and NIKO SKORPIO live tomorrow.

EDIT2: Internet problems are no obstacle for our furious skills. Click here for the show. Audio is direct from the board this time.

Danger, Will Robinson – the button doesn’t open a new browser page!

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