Älymystö / ATYD Split Album Out in 24.12.

Written by Älymystö on Monday, November 9th, 2009


Now it’s finally official: Älymystö / And Then You Die split album titled 19:38:00 will be released in 24th of December as a digital download. The album will be available in iTunes Music Store, Nokia Music Store, Spotify and selected other on-line services right in time to offer you some easy listening for the Christmas Eve. If you are more into large discs and diamond needles than download services, you’ll have to wait a bit longer: the collectors edition picture disc will be released in 1st of April 2010.

We will also be on tour in the beginning of the year and you’ll be seeing and hearing us in both Finland and Baltic countries. More information incoming as soon as we nail down the exact dates and venues.

Meanwhile check out this ad / mood piece of the oncoming record, made by Skithund Records:

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  1. [...] In the spring we managed to hone out the tracks for our new album titled 19:38:00, which finally got an official street date. The album, which is a split vinyl co-published with And Then You Die, will be released for digital [...]

  2. - these are awesome! She is greuoogs and so are these portrait! And she totally does not look like that cat is giving her ANY trouble totally casual haha!

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