Remix us?

Written by Älymystö on Wednesday, March 25th, 2009


Right, we mentioned this on the Band Camp report, but now we can actually go ahead with this. We’re putting the unmixed tracks for an upcoming tune called Revitty online for remixing.

We hesitate to call this a competition, since music is never one, but we’d love to send some swag to the remixes we dig the most. Say, a copy of Atomgrad and a lovely Älymystö t-shirt? Unfortunately we only have XL sizes left, but they make a lovely tent or a stylish nightie! If you’re located in Finland, we’ll throw in a free pass to a gig and will even buy you a beer! We’ll keep this deal open until the end of May.

All this is now within reach!

Click here for the tracks in WAV format (240.6 MB).


Click here for the tracks in 200 kbps VBR MP3 format (50.3 MB).

These are available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license, which means you can freely distribute these files and remix them, as long as you attribute the original material to us, aren’t making any money off them, and share the remix under these same conditions.

Drop us a note in the comments, we’d be happy to host your remixes here as well. (With the proper attributions and links of course.)

EDIT: The tempo of the original is 94 BPM.

7 Responses to “Remix us?”

  1. OMG fuckin hell I’ll make a remix count on that! gimme a few days ok? I’m gonna blow you the FUCK away!

    Cheers!! Your biggest fan!

  2. OK! My remix is now ready…get it here everyone!:

  3. Free beer? I’m in! ;-)

  4. Hello.

    Here is my remix from “Revitty”. I hope you like it.

    Download Link 1 :

    Download Link 2 :

  5. I forgot to mention that only megaupload link includes .txt file with info from Invisible Waves.

    So it’s better to download track from this link :

  6. Here’s my dubsteppish remix, enjoy! :)

  7. Merci pour cet article, Cordialement

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