Shout Out to Nice Customer Service

Written by Herra Honkonen on Tuesday, March 24th, 2009


People usually blog about restaurants and bars only when they get crap service, some exceptions aside. I thought I’d write a bit about nice customer service I, or we, got in Helsinki’s Schönes Freulein restaurant.

In the last Band Camp I realised that my second theremin (aka sparemin) was missing from my instrument bag. The last time I remembered seeing it was last October, when we were playing in City newspaper’s Best in Helsinki gala, where we were nominated as the best noise in Helsinki. We had to do a quick exit from the stage and it was possible the theremin had fallen out of my bag then.

The evening had been fun, not the least because of the nice service we got. We as a bunch didn’t feel that much at home amongst the celebrity party scene, so after our short gig we asked a waiter if there was some peaceful nook in the restaurant. He let us in to an another floor, which was actually closed for the customers in general. The guy kept checking on us and refilling our beers – we had a fun evening, with what felt like a private floor of the bar. I actually meant to send positive feedback about it, but of course I forgot.

The gala was a half a year ago and the place is quite busy, so I didn’t except a whole lot when I mailed the restaurant and asked if they had found this small black box with an antenna jutting out of it. The theremin isn’t that expensive in the end, but replacing it would have been a bitch. The ones I use are hand made by this guy in the States and I’m not sure if he’s still in business. And yeah, even the modest expense would have made an uncomfortable dent in my finances right now.

Surprise surprise, the manager mailed me back a couple of days later with the news that the theremin had been found by the technics guy, who had saved it, and it was waiting for me in the checkstand of the place. So I just got home, with the sparemin intact apart from a couple of new beer splashes.

So, thanks to the staff for a nice customer service both in the gala evening and in taking care of the instruments of drunken noise musicians for half a year.

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