Well, it is a nice title

Written by Herra Paalanen on Monday, February 2nd, 2009


It seems the Internet Jesus has a new project in the works.

“More gold from EnglishRussia: detailing the revival of the practise of turning old railway carriages into churches. I suspect these may make an appearance in a project I’m developing with the working title ATOMGRAD.”

Should be interesting, and if you haven’t checked English Russia out before now, go and do so. Great stuff, and a goldmine if you’re into Urban Exploration and abandoned places. Surprise surprise, we are.

(Also, if that title sticks, we’ll be SURE to get muchos dinaros in royalties, yes? And Suicide Girls, doubtless.)

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  1. God damnit, I KNEW I’d gotten that title from somewhere, and couldn’t remember where…

    I’ll change it, don’t worry.

    – W

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