RIAA stops suing individuals

Written by Herra Vuorensola on Saturday, December 20th, 2008


RIAA has stopped suing individuals, but makes the ISPs the Judges of the Internets.

“I will bang my fist on this concrete wall until it crumbles down”, he said. “It’s not going break, however hard you hit it”, they said. “Fuck you, I’ve got bigger fists and harder knuckles than all of you together,” he replied, and continued banging.

After few hours, he stopped. His fist was all bloody and bones of his hand were all shattered. Everybody had already left, except for the five guys who were charging people to come over and watch “the stupid man who bangs the wall”. They were bored as well, but were doing well financially. But he hadn’t stopped, yet! He stood up, wiped the blood off of his hands and went inside the house. Returning, he was dragging the janitor, and now bellowing him to continue his job.

So the bloodiest battle the Internet ever saw went on.

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