Something for the Weekend

Written by Herra Honkonen on Saturday, December 6th, 2008


Last night I sat down after a very busy and stressing week, got a shot of Laphroaig and listened through our new split vinyl material. It’s always vaguely embarrassing for me to listen to music I’ve been involved in and end up thinking “this is so fucking cool”, but that’s how I felt. Well, Tom of Finland said in an interview something on the lines of “I draw only stuff that gives me a hard on”, so what the fuck – if you don’t like the stuff yourself, how could the listeners. The split vinyl will feature a song we’ve played live quite often and which has ended up as one of my personal favourites – thanks to Mr. Paalanen managing to make a surf guitar sound so depressing and melancholy I want to slit my wrists.

But enough of waving our collective cock around about the new materials. It’s now a couple of weeks since we updated the website and got things rolling. From our point of view this has been quite a resounding success. The visitor amounts have pretty much quadrupled and the feedback on the site has been incredibly positive. We are really happy that the visitors have been as stoked up about the site as we in the band were. A big shout-out goes to the site designer Toni Uuttu, whom we can heartily recommend.

Our decision to release Atomgrad as a free download has been extremely well received too. There are about 350 direct downloads of the album, plus at least 135 torrent downloads. The latter figure is probably higher, since well – torrents are designed to keep all kinds of nosy cunts out of peoples private business and consequently statistics are hard to come by. It’s also been really gratifying to see the amount of listeners go up in Don’t forget – if you want to support our various illegal, disgusting and at times downright surreal lifestyles and habits (not to mention our music projects), you can pay for the music in various easy ways.

We also got a lot of shout outs, including but not limited to the following: Piraattipuolue, Fun Pastimes for Stupid Children, Binge on Crack & Tiramisu (cheers on the blog name, man), Roklintu, 22, rue Menthe, Mike Pohjola (x2), Heijastuspinta and of course the magnificent bastard Warren Ellis. Thanks, man – as a journalist the idea that some day we of the trade might be carrying bowel disruptors has kept me and my journalist fiancee sane throughout many a difficult day.

Now, upwards and onwards. Soon there will be new video material of Älymystö playing in front of an audience of celebrities and well known party people, shot and edited by Kerhohuone of Tytär. Stay tuned!

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