Älymystö – up and running!

Written by Älymystö on Sunday, November 23rd, 2008


So, here it is finally, Älymystö’s new headquarters on the web! From this new web site you’ll find lots of material that has previously been scattered all over the net or buried in old computers’ hard drives & on their way to oblivion.

First of all, head over to the video section and check out Älymystö’s first full-length music video, shot live in the former squat and gig venue Siperia. There are two versions, one that goes straight to the point for you impatient types, and the longer one that has a bit of interesting info before the main course.

When that’s done, you can find mosey over to the Biography to read about the band’s history and members, browse the photo gallery of our gigs and tours,  read the lyrics and check our Releases page for the songs and download free goodies.

It is our position that p2p-networks are the new radio, where people can find out new and interesting music  - this is why we’ve officially released our first album Atomgrad to the BitTorrent network. Check out the Releases page for the link to the torrent. What you get is the songs in high quality variable bitrate mp3 files, band mini bio, high resolution cover art and the album foldout. If you decide to support us financially, head over to the Shop-section and purchase the album either as an actual CD or from a download store.

Remember to watch this space – there is the new split vinyl project underway, so stay tuned!

…and remember: Intelligentsia will always betray.

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