The Answers, Part I

Written by Herra Haapanen on Tuesday, February 6th, 2007


What is the main idea of your work?

Exploring dreamscapes and lost feelings, creating something antipop to this world full of money, unseen powers and media. We create soundscapes like we want, not music for the blind masses. Some will never understand us because of that.

What do you want to tell to the people with your music?

Nothing and everything. Listen, feel, live the life. Remember the feelings, cherish the moments. We are just four friends doing what we want, you should do what you want.

What does mean your music to yourselves?

Meaning of life. Audiobook of memories and feelings, sometimes a form of therapy as well. Our first full-lenght album Atomgrad is about exploring the fears and nightmares of life by waking dreams.

What do you think about spiritual life? What meaning does it have personally for your?

We are four inviduals and all of us have our own private beliefs, so I can only speak for myself. I believe there is something more, but I think the vast majority of the human beliefs are more or less wrong. Personally I’d say it will make the death a bit more interesting experience.

When you next record will issue? what is the main idea of this album?

We are working on new material, slowly but steadily. We have no release dates set for now, but some births might occur in the late 2007. We are working on our second full-lenght album and a split vinyl release with another band whose name I can’t mention yet.

Recently your front-man shot the film, which is popular in Finland. Can you tell us some words about this work?

Mr. Vuorensola, our vocalist, is the director of the movie Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning and one of the owners of the Energia Productions. Star Wreck is not only popular in Finland, it’s popular all over the world. It is actually the most watched finnish movie of all time with millions of downloads. Personally I think they are pioneers, since now the whole industry is following their example.

Right now Mr. Vuorensola is very busy making their second feature film Iron Sky and therefore has quite a little time for music these days. He is strongly committed to Älymystö, though, and will play a major role in creating the next album with me. He is, after all, the co-founder of Älymystö.

Maybe I can get Mr. Vuorensola himself to write a couple of comments to this one, who knows.

Why do you like Termenvox? When did this interest appear?

Theremin is an uncommon instrument in music, especially in the westernmusic. We like the unique soundscapes like dreams it developes, and it has become one of the cornerstones of the Älymystö sound. Theremin joined forces with Älymystö along with the lyrics written for us by Mr. Honkonen, in spring 2003.

For more I have to throw the ball to Mr. Honkonen himself.

What does your singer sing about? Where we could find this lyrics?

I don’t think anyone of us wants to tell you the stories behind the songs, we prefer that the listener can find what he/she wants to find. Some lyrics can be found from the internet and, for example, the Atomgrad album has a couple of lyrics written on the covers of the album. This is our way of reminding people that they can support the band by buying the album — we want the physical copy to be more than just the same songs you could download from the internet. When you see the covers and read the lyrics you have a guide with you in the realm of chaos.

What from your point of view should be done for making the contact between the artist and the listener closer?

The contact doesn’t always need to be close – sometimes distance is for the good, it let’s the audience relax and enjoy the evening. But to answer the question, interacting with the audience is the key. Making them part of the performance, a part of the memory the evening will leave for everyone watching the show.

What do you think about the LOVE? What does it mean for you?

About the love? Pure love is the purest and strongest form of energy, but people way too often mistake crush, passion, lust, longing, owning and caring for love – not to mention jealousy. True love doesn’t feel jealousy in my opinion.


Some of the questions were replied by e-mail only.

Oh, and now while I’m at it, here’s the link for the video just released at YouTube. It’s by Lopsteri Productions and was shot at the Atomgrad release party in 1st of December 2006 in M/S Wäiski, Helsinki. Hope you enjoy it.

Yours Sincerely,

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