Terijoen hallitus

Written by Herra Haapanen on Thursday, July 13th, 2006


So, Latvia was a blast as ever, thanks to everyone involved & respect to guys from STROPS and Rosewater for being good hosts. Still hoping to be able to meet you guys at Sturmkonzert in Riga 25th of August.

In the meanwhile, things look interesting back here. I’m going to perform in SVA’D’BASS open-air industrial festival 14-16th of July 2006 at Zelenogorsk, Russia. Not an Älymystö show, though, but performance by project Nega, featuring guys from Grey Park, Pleasures and Days, Pimentola, No I Ain’t and Älymystö. And of course I’m looking forward to see Cistifum, Noises of Russia, Monopolka, Kyptogen Rundfunk, 2012, and all the other bands as well. The setting of the roadtrip sounds legendish, but we’ll see what shall happen. We will try to document it in one way or another, so maybe you’ll see it someday as well.

If we get back to Finland without any problems, Nega will also play at Factory, Helsinki, the 19th of July as well, along with Radiokatve (Herrat Honkonen & Paalanen) and Bastards of Consciousness. If we don’t, well, call someone and ask them to give us back here to play the show. The tickets are 2 euros and showtime will be around 22:00.

And there is more. 20th of July I’ll be DJing @ Sähköjänis Kaksi Aftershave, which will be held in Kuudes Linja, Helsinki.

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  1. Hmh, never did I tell you guys anything about what happened, untill now – let’s just say that the Russian officials made me sign a paper where I promise not to enter the country again before February 2007. Bastards.

  2. Hallo Birgit,ich habe lange Zeit nix mehr von mir hf6ren lassen . war ffcrchterlich im Stress.Hoffe es geht Dir und Jeff und Rowdy gut. Melde mich bald wdeeir ausffchrlicher.Bis bald . schf6ne Seite fcbrigens LGGabi Abby

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