Greetings from Studio Vainohulluus

Written by Herra Haapanen on Saturday, June 10th, 2006


The sun has aged four years after the recording sessions of Kilpisjärven Talvi in the UT3-studios – Älymystö was born in a certain filthy basement-studio in the suburbs of Helsinki along with the help of Tuomas Mikael Enkeli. As always, it took several years to realize that this is not just a strange musical journey by a group of old friends once or twice a month – but also something that has become a part of us, something we will never forget. In my life it means I haven’t spent a day since 2003 without doing something for Älymystö. I’m obsessed, but I more or less enjoy it.

If I’d be you, I might worry a bit about who is controlling me. If you’ve heard the Atomgrad album, you have heard his words.

One last thing. At the moment these pages attract about 100 unique hits per day. Let us know more about you than a cold IP-address. Leave a bit of your soul here by a comment, it takes only one minute of your life.

3 Responses to “Greetings from Studio Vainohulluus”

  1. Surprise! I read this.

  2. Ok. I guess it’s too scary to write anything here if you don’t happen to know us in the real life as well. A shame.

  3. I declare myself to be one reader in a thousand faceless hits.

    May Cthulhu enjoy feasting on your rotten soul, as he does mine.

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