Vainohulluus website v. 2.0

Written by Herra Paalanen on Tuesday, April 11th, 2006


I just finished the redesign for the web pages of Vainohulluus, with which all of us are at least peripherally involved. The pages are in finnish, so our foreign friends might not be able to glean as much information from them, but at least the dates etc. should be easy enough to spot.

CSS layouts and Internet Explorer once again had some disagreements regarding standards and compliancy therewith, but things should be working smoothly now. Let us know if anythings amiss. (Also, if you’re still using IE, do yourself and web designers everywhere a favour and switch to Firefox or another functional browser.)

In other news, t-shirts are on their way and might even be available on our gigs this week. Now’s your chance to bask in the envy of your t-shirtless friends.

Älymystö T-shirts

Älymystö T-shirts

See you tomorrow at Klubi in Tampere and/or in M/S Wäiski in Helsinki on Thursday!

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