Consider yourself invited to the 2nd Noise Symposium

Written by Herra Haapanen on Friday, March 17th, 2006


Vuoritalo was build 1927 as fire station of Käpylä. Since then house has been in many different use and also outlook has changed several times. At least following action has been there: dance pavillion, kindergarten, even church. Around 80′s/90′s house were squatted by punks, so house were used as musical activity such as practise rooms and gig hall. Later Käpylä seura was going to repair house completely and they made roof. Then they propably ran out of money and house stayed useless for many years, until lease expired in the end of 2001.”
–Punk Ry

Noise Symposium is the brainchild of mr. Vuorensola, mr. Piirtola and me, mr. Haapanen. Live bands and scene DJs, punk-rockers and electropunks shaking hands in post holocaust sounds. They still talk about the 1st Noise Symposium.

Unfortunately this event is being organized because officials are ending the rental contract. Apparently Helsinki doesn’t want to support underground culture. Although I do understand that it’s not nice to live near a squat which attracts underaged teenagers, people behave there better than in your average bar and there has never been any problems I’ve heard of. Now a lot of underground bands are losing their home. It’s time for the last new memory of Vuoritalo before it’s all over. We decided to go down in style and enjoy it while we can.

Noise Symposium 2 -poster


:: mainstage :: 2.floor ::
NO CORE [canada/estonia]

:: DJ-stage :: 3.floor ::
.VTL [radium]
DANA [inkvisitio]
Z. [v.troops]
PASKA TIMO [v.troops]

Tickets 3/1 €

2 Responses to “Consider yourself invited to the 2nd Noise Symposium”

  1. Damn. That was some party.

    One broken PA-system, live jam-session with Aprox., nocore and me, the evening lasted till the morning. Nice to play to a crowd who appreciates my style of DJing, mixing metal to hardcore techno via breakcore and Baltic rhythmic noise. Me likey.

    Some other dates worth checking: Vainohulluus HQ (organizers of the Sturm Invades Finland -tour, etc.)

  2. Just “googled” Piirtola and I was pleasantly surprised to see something in english related to my name. There are 4 “Piirtolas” in the US… mother, my son, my wife and myself. It was also gratifying to see our name used in an article about music as both my son and myself are active musicians. I am a bass player involved in the blues. My son is a drummer, guitar, bass and keyboard player, who does a lot of recording and experimental music in Atlanta, GA.
    My grandparents were all from Finland but I have no idea how common the name Piirtola is there……..Sorry for taking up your space and time…..David Piirtola

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