Älymystö Storms The Eastern Front

Written by Herra Honkonen on Tuesday, February 21st, 2006


The last half a year or so has been busy for Älymystö. We have been on tour in the Baltic, published our first full-length album Atomgrad and currently we are getting ready for our Russian mini-tour. On Tuesday morning we will head off to St. Petersburg and Moscow, where we will play with such local bands as Noises of Russia, W.A.R. Projectile, Govorit Radio Kosmos and Misery. Our gig will be a part of a festival called Military Days, which apparently celebrates the founding and the victories of the Red Army. Being the only foreign band – especially a Finnish one – in such a happening sounds rather… interesting.

The Party on February, 23rd is The Day of Creation of Red Army.

Stalin has written ” the history of Communist Party of Bolsheviks “. He has written a phrase: ” The army has given repulse to German invaders. They has been suspended. The day of the repulse to armies of the German imperialism was on February, 23rd. And this day became birthday of young Red Army… “.

Real “fastening” of legendary day has happened in 1942. Stalin, wishing to inhale fighting spirit in exhausted by the first seven months of war army, has written on February, 23rd, 1942 a phrase: ” the Young solders of the Red Army, which have taken part in the war first time, have broken German aggressors near Pskov and Narva on February, 23rd, 1918. For this reason the day on February, 23rd has been declared as the birthday of Red Army.

This is the fourth foreign country we will play in, and figuring out all the buraucracy involved with crossing the eastern border hasn’t been easy. Unlike many foreigners might think, Finnish people don’t travel all that much to Russia, so for most of us it’s a bit of a terra incognita. Travelling around Europe is pretty easy, since you don’t need visas to most of the countries and usually you have only to show your passport to a bored-looking customs official to cross any border. Russia on the other hand seems to still be on the throes of the communist era Kafka-like bureaucracy. From the point of view of the Finnish people things are handled in a really strict and at the same time chaotic way over there. So, on Tuesday it remains to be seen if all of us will be admitted to the country in the first place.

If you don’t happen to be hanging around Moscow or St. Petersburg during next week’s Wednesday and Friday, you can join the party over the internet. We will be webcasting our Moscow gig in Radio Ubik on Friday, accompanied by webcam broadcast in our own net page. If possible we will do the same with our St. Petersburg gig. More information to follow.

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